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WCS Paraguay Program Global Conservation Southern Cone is hiring Scientific Director.

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The primary objectives of the Scientific Director are to lead the review and implementation of WCS Paraguay conservation agenda based on solid science, and to actively participate in the region?s conservation agenda. This includes: using a solid understanding of the most adequate scientific approaches and tools to inform our conservation initiatives, implement strategic conservation planning, help develop strong partnerships with governments, private sector and civil society organizations, and enhance and increase the presentation of funding proposals to national and international public and private donors. The position reports to the WCS Paraguay Director, and coordinates with team members in the Southern Cone Region and abroad, such as the Conservation and Science Leads in WCS Argentina and WCS Chile, their Country Directors, as well as the Southern Cone Regional Director and Program Manager. The Scientific Director will work on a suite of key species biology, ecology, conservation, and management aspects, as well as spatial conservation interventions. Experience: -At least 10 years of professional experience in conservation of terrestrial wildlife and ecosystems conservation. - Extensive experience in the design and execution of wildlife and ecosystem conservation projects. - Experience supervising and working collaboratively with scientists and conservationists - Solid proposal-writing skills and experience, both in English and Spanish, and extensive experience in fundraising at the local and international level. - Solid knowledge of wildlife conservation issues globally, in the region, and in Paraguay. - Solid knowledge of the sociopolitical context in Paraguay. - Proven experience working with Paraguayan government institutions, NGOs, private sector or local communities. - Availability to travel: bi-weekly to the Paraguayan Chaco and other potential project sites, once a year to New York, once a year to Southern. -Cone or Latin American countries. - Must have American Visa updated. Skills -Strategic thinking and decisive judgment. -Excellent team leader, ability to manage and inspire a diverse team, to build capacities within the team, and to mentor. -Excellent interpersonal skills -Outstanding writing skills for proposals, publications, project reports and others. -Ability to demonstrate adaptive communication in front of diverse audiences. -Excellent organizational skills -Ability to work in a range of cultural contexts. -Ability to work under pressure and within tight schedules and deadlines. -Ability to travel 50% of their time.


The main responsibilities include but are not limited to: -Lead the review, update, effective implementation and promotion of a conservation strategy for WCS Paraguay. This review and update will include the expansion and consolidation of current strategies, and incorporate new strategies to conserve wildlife and wild places, including but not limited to: climate change adaptation and mitigation, nature-based solutions to climate change, sustainable use of natural resources including value chains that incorporate our trade-mark coexistence strategies, strengthening and effective implementation of protected areas, and other core areas of work in the context of WCS 2030 Global Strategy, Southern Cone Strategic plan, and domestic conservation priorities and opportunities. - Lead development and supervise implementation and management of projects to protect species and ecosystems of Paraguay, according to WCS strategic conservation goals, and based on solid science. This includes assistance to communication and outreach activities to raise awareness on wildlife conservation issues in Paraguay. - Create, implement and monitor with WCS Paraguay staff, the effective implementation of a Monitoring Program of conservation targets and their threats, actively participating in training the staff for these tasks. - Develop and monitor annual impact indicators for the conservation component of WCS Paraguay Program. - Foster the development of conservation research in the Chaco and working partnerships with researchers and research institutes in the country and abroad, strengthening collaboration and synergies among diverse public and private sector actors. - Lead the Program?s work in key thematic areas such as Protected Areas; Sustainable Production; Conservation of Species and landscapes; climate change mitigation and adaptation, including the use of nature-based solutions, and others. - Program Development: Co-lead with Country Director, Finance and Administrative Manager and Regional Business Manager fundraising efforts to assure short- and long-term financial sustainability of WCS Paraguay conservation program. This could include visit project sites in the Chaco or other regions, and accompany potential supporters to help raise interest in the conservation efforts being carried out, as well as support in proposal development processes, including development of core rationale, establishment of partnerships, soliciting and incorporation of relevant technical and financial information, editing and review. - Program Implementation: supervision of field activities, including the use of WCS?s assets; - Program reporting: lead writing and/or review of technical reports and any technical documents to be produced by the Program, in coordination with Finance Manager and Country Director, and with Regional staff. - Coordinate with Finance and Administrative Manager to assure compliance with internal WCS procedures, donor requirements and national regulations. - Represent WCS Paraguay in scientific national and international fora, including WCS internal coordination meetings, training, and others, under request of WCS Paraguay Director, WCS Southern Cone Director or other WCS high level staff.

La propuesta

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is an international conservation NGO headquartered at the Bronx Zoo in New York City working to save wildlife and wild places and to meet global conservation challenges in over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The Americas program works in a diversity of places, from the Arctic coasts and seas of Alaska to the forests of North America & Mesoamerica to the Amazon Basin to the coasts of Patagonia, with over 300 staff in 15 countries. WCS?s Paraguay is one of the youngest programs of the organization in the region. Along its history WCS in Paraguay became a main stakeholder in local conservation. WCS?s vision in Paraguay is to build on the successes of our conservation initiatives in the country to expand into an impactful conservation strategy that safeguards priority habitats and wildlife targets in the Gran Chaco region, South America?s second largest forest, which occurs mainly in Paraguay and Argentina, with a smaller distribution in Bolivia. Amongst the many outcomes of WCS working alongside partners in Paraguay are: the contribution to training and capacity building of various audiences, including personnel from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES), cattle ranchers, private and public sector representatives, civil society organizations, students, and others; the evaluation of wildlife conservation status and development of adequate management plans for keystone terrestrial species such as the jaguar (Panthera onca), the development of on-site co-existence interventions in private lands to minimize human-cattle-wildlife conflicts; and other multidisciplinary projects to address some of the most serious threats to wildlife and landscapes in places of high biodiversity value. The Program has also a long history of scientific and conservation work focused on species, such as Panthera onca, Chacoan side-necked turtle, guanaco, Chacoan peccary, and others. We seek an experienced professional with a deep understanding of the conservation issues in Paraguay and the region, and proven experience on the ground, to develop and implement our Conservation strategy to achieve, in coordination with state, private and civil society partners, the long-term conservation of this unique and important landscape.



Fecha de publicación

25/04/2022(Hace 3 semanas)

Ciudad / Localidad

Central - Otra

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Full Time

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